Company Legal Documents

Before booking your any trip with any travel and trekking agency, it is most important that whether the company has legally authorised with Nepal Government authorities as well as other travel associaton of Nepal. It is important to be aware that there are many companies are runing with expired licences, business that do not observes the legal formalaities imposed by the country act.

If a traveler booked the trip with an unauthorised in Nepal, there is a greater risk that problems will occur during the trip of your in Nepal. The following are the consederations to conform and protect yourself from that kinds of problems.

- Has the company received the authorizaton form government authorities ?

- Has the company cleared all the taxs ?

- Does the company have it's owned bank account with a renowned bank ?

- Are the Directors of company are working actively in trekking and travel sectors ?

- Does the company follow the guidelines of suitable/Eco- tourism while operating the tours and treks?

- Is the company insured aganist accidents happening to their staffs ?

Our Legal Documents

1) Comapany registered office of Nepal

2) Ministry of Tourism and Civil  Aviation of Nepal

3) Nepal national bank for authority of foreign currency transaction


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