Dolpo Region Trekking

Dolpo Region situated behind the mid western part of Nepal is one of the remote regions of Nepal. This region is bordered by Dhaulagiri and Churen Himal in east and south while Jumla to the west connecting with Tibetan plateau. It is the best trekking destination for those who wants to experience remote and beautiful areas. Though this region is backward and remote, it has stark, rugged and beautiful land portrayed by high passes. Since the region lies near Tibetan plateau, most of the people here follow Tibetan Buddhism and old pre Buddhist religion of Bon. The major attraction of this region is Shey Phokshundo Lake (706 sq km) which is the deepest lake of the world lying at the altitude of 3600 m and many other famous lakes. During the trail, one can get amazed by the spectacular sceneries of snowy peaks such as Kanjiriba south (6,861m), Kanjiriba north (6,883m), Mukot Himal (6,639m), Churen Himal (7,381m), Araniko Chuli (6,034m), Putha Hiunchuli (7,249m) and many more, isolated and ancient villages, reliable Buddhist monastery, wonderful lakes and rich wildlife. People living in this region are warm hearted and great in hospitality but are simple with enthralling culture, art and tradition.

Trekking to Dolpo region offers you unseen views of Tibetan highlands, different rain shadow landscape, wild flowers and many high-isolated Himalayan valleys. You will also get chance to visit the largest National Park of Nepal, Shey Phoksundo National Park which is the habitat of many endangered species like Snow Leopard, Himalayan blue sheep and huge birds Himalayan griffon. The life of the local people is difficult as they cannot grow crops so most of the people are engaged in salt trade from Tibet for their living. You can experience their ancient culture which has not been changed for centuries.

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