Nepal has been the main target of outstanding achievements within the world of peak climb expeditions, with its eight peaks on the top of 8000 meters. Apart from these eight peaks, Nepal has 1310 peaks above 6000 meters  among which one quarter are officially opened for mountaineering activities such as trekking peaks (ranging from 5587 to 6500 metres) and has been the focus of exceptional achievements within the whole world of mountain climbing. Mountain climbing has challenged the entire adventure lover and challenge seeker for decades. Whether it is experienced trekker or any novice climbers, peak climbing in Nepal offers best climbing expedition with adventure trekking.  Peaks below 65000m are listed in mountaineering association which is an official mountaineering association of Nepal among them 20 peaks are opened for alpine climbing.

Climbing these outstanding peak is beyond the usual and simple trekking including basic mountaineering above the snow line, using climbing boots with crampons, ice axe, ropes, etc where Great Vision Trek provides professional climbing guides and mountaineering within their supervision and instruction. We have best mountaineering expertise with years of experience including multiple ascents of Mount Everest. Great Vision Trek first provide special climbing training course at base camp so that you get self- confident and used to before you climb the summit. We provide every safety measures so that you can safely and successfully scale the summit of your chosen mountain.

Great Vision Trek provide you all the necessary packages required for climbing so you just have to enjoy your adventurous climbing without worrying. We provide you all the personal as well as group climbing gear and tents, oxygen masks, first aid box and every stuff required during climbing in Himalayas. Our team makes sure all the mountaineer are hassle free, confident and enjoy their effective climbing trip.

All Departures 100% Guranteed. If you are booked, you are going.